22 July 2017

I’ll Lead A Crusade To Oust Charlotte Osei, She Thinks She’s Above Everyone In Ghana – Hassan Ayariga


Hassan Ayariga

Disqualified 2016 APC Presidential Candidate, Hassan Ayariga says he is in support of the agenda to impeach Charlotte Osei.

Speaking on Okay Fm, he said he has no personal ill feelings towards Charlotte Osei but the E.C Boss is very disrespectful.

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PeaceFmOnline has quoted him to have said:

As I’m talking to you now, she has employed two secretaries paying each USD 1500 and USD 2500 respectively, she has also spent GHC40 million to renovate her office and you think this is right? I’m not going to lead a crusade against her because I have personal issues with her but because of her misconduct and her abuse of office thinking that she is above any other person in this country; you are just Charlotte Osei“.

Some workers at the E.C have petitioned the President to impeach Charlotte Osei for reasons that she has breached some constitutional principles in some of her duties.

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