12 August 2017

I Wrote All Of Okyeame Kwame’s Lyrics During Our Akyeame Days – Says Quophi Okyeame


Okyeame Quophi

Groups form and splinter all the time and it’s not unusual for a great group to part on not so great terms. It’s happened to a lot of groups and it happened to Akyeame back in the day.

The duo (Kofi and Kwame), where successful for a sustained period before everyone went their way.

They’ve since built (relatively) successful solo careers, but questions have always remained over who was the real brain behind Akyeame, and Quophi Okyeame emphatically claims he was the one.

Speaking on the music of Akyeame, which spanned five albums over a period of over a decade, Quophi said he wrote ever single words on the albums, including Okyeame Kwame’s lyrics/raps.


Okyeame Kwame

“Originally, ‘Masan Aba’ was supposed to be a remix of ‘Serwaa Akoto’. When I started writing, and I say I because, yes, I did. Not just this one. The five Akyeame albums; I did the writing, including Kwame’s (Okyeame Kwame) lyrics. That is the truth; I am not saying that to the detriment of my brother,” he revealed on Hitz Fm.

“The question has been asked a million times, and people have doubted it because I have not come out to say anything to anybody. Today I am saying it.” he emphatically declared.

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