21 July 2017

I Want My 15 Minutes Of Fame Back – Rashida Black Beauty Releases N*de Video Of Herself


Rashida Black Beauty enjoyed her fifteen minutes of fame and then slid back into the irrelevancy from which she came, and it looks like she’s desperate to get that fame back.

The ‘Mala Fakka’ girl has, believe it or not, tried the Maame Akua Banks playbook to fame and released a n*de video of herself.

The video was shared by comedian OB on his facebook page and it reportedly showed the ‘Mala Fakka’ girl in full explicit mode.

Fortunately for all of us, Facebook has taken the video down.

We have no doubt Rashida will be back with similar antics just to get that drug called fame back into her system. It’s a very powerful, intoxicating drug, and we know people would do anything to hold onto it once they have it.

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