11 July 2017

I Regretted Declaring 10 Day Hunger Strike In Montie 3 Saga – Maurice Ampaw


Celebrity Lawyer Maurice Ampaw says he regretted declaring a hunger strike in the heat of the Montie 3 saga.

The lawyer revealed to KSM that he sometimes makes rash pronouncements when he’s fired up, pronouncement which he mostly later regrets.

Ampaw indignantly declared, during the Montie 3 saga, that freeing them was an atrocity by the President, and he was going to embark on a ten day hunger strike to register his protest.

Ampaw recently told KSM that he instantly regretted making the utterance.

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“In run-up to the 2016 elections when this Montie issue came, before I realized I had declared a 10-day hunger strike. I realized it was a big trouble I had landed myself into.” he said.

“Thank God Ghanaians don’t know how to monitor so they believed me.  But because the system they don’t monitor……when I wake up in the morning I will not eat and my face will look pale and in the afternoon, I take coconut water. But if the system had monitored me I would be in trouble.”

Ampaw added that he tends to talk without thinking sometimes, especially when he’s fired up over an issue.

“I wonder what pushes me to do some of the things I do. Sometimes when I feel strongly about something before I know it, it is out and I can defend it because it is the truth” he added.

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