Responding to a question on the status of the residence, Dr Bawumia said works have halted. “The whole issue has been the cost…it has to be renegotiated,” he said.

The Vice President pulled punches at the past government when he discovered the cost of the structure started by the past National Democratic Congress (NDC) government was $13.9 million.

“Is the gate made of gold, pavement made of gold and blocks made of gold…a house built in Ghana, I can’t believe it,” he told the media in February, 2017.

Five months after the revelation, which triggered a huge controversy between officials of the new government and its predecessor, the Vice President is advocating for renegotiation of the cost of the structure.

“It probably doesn’t make sense for Ghana to [abandon] the house,” Dr Bawumia cautioned, adding government will meet with the contractor to reconsider the cost.