31 August 2017

I Have No ‘Beef’ With Ebony, I Just Don’t Like Her Suggestive Lyrics – Says Feli Nuna


Feli Nuna has debunked claims that she has a ‘beef’ with dancehall songstress Ebony.

According to the singer, she respects Ebony’s talent and actually likes some of her songs. However, she has a huge problem with her suggestive lyrics.

According to Nuna, female artists like themselves should be role models to the youth, therefore she does not like the kind of lyrics Ebony puts out.

“I love ‘Sponsor’. I love the melody. I only said I wasn’t comfortable with the lyrics but it’s a very good song. Ebony is a great artiste and I have no beef with her…” she said.

Commenting on the role of female artists in the industry as a whole, Nuna said ladies do not have each other’s back and are always bickering, unlike guys. She said she’s working on a collaboration with two other female artists.

“We [Female musicians] don’t do a lot of collaborations. That’s true. You know women and our issues. Getting us into the studio is not as easy as guys. It’s a big problem and we are working on it. I am working on a female collaboration with two sisters in the industry…”she said.

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