17 July 2017

‘I Don’t Care What They Think Or Say’ – Tracey Boakye Slams Those Who Say Her S*x Scene In The ‘Devil Between My Legs’ Is Real


Tracey Boakye

Actress Tracey Boakye has slammed all those who claim her s*x scene with Samuel Ofori in her recent movie. ‘The Devil Between My Legs’, is real.

According to her, she couldn’t care less about what they say if she tried, insisting that the s*x was not real but only part of the acting.

Boakye even added that instead of condemnation, people should rather be praising them for acting so realistically.

“The s*x in the movie is not real. It was acted. I am an actress and Samuel is, it is our duty to make movies believable and that was exactly what we did.

“It is not possible [for me to have s*x on set]. I am a professional and so is my colleague. We respect each other and cannot do anything like that,” she said.

The hugely endowed actress added that she doesn’t care about those who refused to believe her denials and maintain she had s*x in the movie.

“I don’t care what they think or say.

“In fact, I think we should be proud that we acted realistically and it looked real and people actually believe it,” she told Showbiz, who conducted the interview.

In the movie ‘The Devil Between My Legs’, Boakye and co-star Samuel Ofori acted what was quite a realistic four minute s*x scene, in which Ofori took of Boakye’s panties with his teeth, kissed her on the butt, put on a condom and proceeded to bang her.

Boakye told Showbiz which portions were real and which weren’t.

“The kissing, taking off my underwear and my n*ked butt showing, the condom are all real and it ends there. Nothing else after that is real”,

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