30 June 2017

I Didn’t Kill Kutu Achaempong – Major Mahama’s Father Denies Rumours He Was Part Of The 1979 Firing Squad


Father of the late Major Maxwell Mahama, Capt Dennis Mahama, has come out emphatically deny rumours that he was part of the firing squad that killed former President Ignatius Kutu Achaempong in 1979.

Called to respond to allegations on his involvement in the firing squad which killed the late head of State, Mahama categorically denied any involvement.

He said two things discount his possible involvement with the shooting – he was in the Volta Region at the time, and as an officer, there was no way he would partake in a firing squad.

“I was in Agortime-Kpetoe as a training officer…,so it is malicious. I don’t understand what they seek to achieve” he said.

He added: “In the Armed Forces, an officer does not take part in firing squad…,as at 1979, I was a Lieutenant….I was a full Lieutenant”.

“How can a Lieutenant go and be doing firing squad?”

Mahama, having dismissed the allegations, revealed that he would soon unveil his foundation, which would be at the forefront of the fight against mob justice.


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