21 July 2017

‘I Can’t Confirm Yvonne Nelson’s Pregnancy Rumors’ – Bismark The Joke | General Entertainment

Close friend and colleague of Ghanaian actress and film director Yvonne Nelson, Bismark The Joke has stated that he cannot confirm the pregnancy rumors of his friend.

Speaking with Pamela Boateng of FNN news on Wednesday afternoon, Bismark the Joke said that due to their busy schedules in the past few months, they haven’t had the chance to meet thus cannot ascertain the truth of the rumors.

The movie actor turned musician who has recently debuted his first single titled ‘Hold Me’ has starred in several movies with Yvonne Nelson.

The two were even rumored to have been dating but both parties have vehemently denied it on different platforms.

Speaking in the interview, Bismark The Joke alluded his ignorance to the pregnancy rumors to their busy schedules.

‘I can’t confirm this because it’s been a long time since I saw her. She’s a busy kind of person. I’m also busy shooting up and down so it’s been a long time since we met; so for that, I can’t really talk about the pregnancy rumors,’ he said.

When asked his message to Yvonne Nelson if indeed she were pregnant, Bismark The Joke responded, ‘…what I can say is congratulations to her and I’m very happy for her because I know that’s something she’s always wanted and we’re all praying for that.

If it’s really true she’s pregnant, congratulations to her and God bless whatever she’s doing. That’s all I have for her,’ he added.

Yvonne Nelson is rumored to have taken seed in the past few months. While the actress hasn’t made any official comments, her recent video on social media has seen the actress gain so much weight.

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