26 July 2017

I Am Not Married to Shatta Michy So She’s Not My Wife-Says Shatta Wale


Shatta Wale and Michy

Shatta Wale has stated he’s not married to Shatta Michy and therefore she’s not his wife–though he has a child with Michy.

Speaking to on “Total Showbiz” on Okay FM’s “Ekwansodwoodwoo” drive time show, Shatta said Michy is the mother of his son, Majesty but they are not married even though both families are aware of their relationship.

He said: “We understand each other and our families are aware we are together and we are like siblings growing as a family. Sometimes I think we need time. There is no need to impress people that we are married. Sometimes the weddings and the whole ‘dondoo dondooo’ doesn’t really mean anything”.

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Asked why the marriage is taking long, Wale said;  “in the family way, they are aware we are together but people who are ready are getting ready to get married but we are not yet there. Shatta Michy has a lot of things to do, she wants to finish her degree course, she wants to do business on her own and others things. Me too, I want to really get more into my real estate business”

“My wife is still very young and she is now in school, she doing her business management thing. So when things get to where it has to be, she would also get whatever she wants,” he added.

From what Shatta Wale is saying, it seems Michy have to wait for some years before if she’s lucky, she would be given a ring.

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