17 July 2017

Hot audio: Man cursed for sleeping with his pastor’s wife

Sleeping with another man’s wife knowingly or unknowingly attracts some curses or punishments but this becomes worse if the woman happens to be the wife of a man of God.

A middle aged man married for 15-years without a child is cursing his stars for his lustful pleasures.

47-year-old Kofi Asomaning who has seduced a lot of woman decided to take his antics to a new direction by sleeping with a pastor’s wife.

But luck eluded when the Man of God who suspected the amorous relationship between his wife and Kofi decided to curse him.

Narrating his ordeal to Nhyira FM’s Naa Ameley, the young man said he proposed to the pastor’s wife on several occasions until she gave in when her husband had gone on a missionary tour abroad.

On one occasion, he said the pastor’s wife showed up at his building site and given the attraction, they had sex.

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However, he said the man of God upon his return saw that his wife had committed adultery and forced her to confess which she did.

“The woman was scared because the pastor was able to tell her the date we had sex. He told her to either confess or die so she had no other option than to confess” he stated.

Kofi noted that, the man of God out of pain hurled curses on him and added that the only way to be free is to confess publicly.

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The distraught man who is a member of the Pentecost Church said he went to the pastor’s house with two elders to beg to no avail.

He indicated that, the more he takes in medicine, the worst his condition and is almost giving up.

“The pastor told us no mortal can reverse the curse unless God. I’m really sacred, I see ghosts, see myself dead anytime I sleep”.

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Kofi said he is being haunted everywhere he goes including his own house so he now leaves with a family friend.

The man is on his knees pleading with the pastor to tamper justice with mercy to save his life.

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