05 July 2017

Hot Audio: Kwanyako youth to demonstrate over lack of jobs

Residents in Agona Kwanyako in the Central Region are demonstrating against opinion leaders in the town for failure on their part to call on the government for jobs.


According to them, the situation of joblessness has turned most women in the town into prostitutes.

Some of the aggrieved women who spoke to Adom News’ Kofi Adjei said the reason for the demonstration is because the political leaders have ignored their requests to set up ventures for the youth in the community to earn their daily bread.

With this, the irate youth has vowed to sell the public lorry station and part of the land demarcated for a community market to set up a filling station to generate income if the government fails to heed to their call.


“We don’t have work. We are suffering. We want jobs. The government should help us here. We are very hungry and besides there is no work here. Women and children are just giving birth. The men are just having sex with us. Most of the women are now prostitutes to cater for their kids, some are doing cyber fraud all because there is are not jobs here so government should help us now” an angry residents cried.

Listen to the angry residents

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