06 August 2017

Horrified mum finds her daughter’s sex toy in the DISHWASHER… but all isn’t quite as it seems

A DISTRAUGHT mum thought she’d found her daughter’s sex toy in the dishwasher… but her mistake will leave you laughing.

The girl posted her mum’s funny blunder on Reddit, along with pictures of the offending item.

sex toy
So what do you think this looks like? The girl’s mum jumped to conclusions straight away

They show a multi-coloured devise, which is long and wider at the base than the tip.

Apparently her mum was convinced it was a vibrator – and she couldn’t even bring herself to touch it.

The daughter captioned the picture: “So mom finds this in the dishwasher.

“Gives it to me wrapped in a towel asking me WTF I put in the dishwasher.”

So, what do YOU think it looks like?

Get your minds out the gutter if you can see where the mum was coming from, because the truth is much more innocent.

sex toy
See, it was totally innocent after all! In fact it’s a cup which melted while being washed

The girl explained: “It was a cup. It shrank. She went on talking about how uncomfortable she felt all day.”

Once you know that it’s pretty obvious too as you can see the screw lid area.

The shots were posted on Reddit by a user called FictionB*stard.

Unsurprisingly they caused quite a few comments, with many giggling about the unfortunate mistake.

According to Pretty52, one user joked: “I stumbled across too much of my mom’s weird sh*t for her to say anything to me about my dildo cup.”

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