09 August 2017

Hopelessness is not an option

A lot of people keep saying nothing good will come out of me, I’ve got nothing good for myself.

If we take our time and give ourselves a chance to identify who we really are, then we  will know there is something we have that no other person has.

Ghana is the future for many giants and is high time theyouth got themselves out of their hopelessness.

If you look around the people in your family especially your mother, father and siblings, you will see that you all do things differently. You all have different ways of approachingissues even though you all come from the same blood.

This means if citizens of Ghana will come out from their hopelessness of poverty and joblessness then we need to identity our abilities.

The amazing aspect about life is, we all have different dreams and aspirations and therefore is high time we started thinkingpositive.

We must not look down on ourselves as a country because Ghana is unique in its own special way.

There are times when people will look down on you; and there are times when people will look up to. This is because they expect something from you and therefore you have to do something for yourself.

Remember the adage that says,Stones and sticks are thrown only at fruitbearing trees?” Becoming that person you have always dreamt of will not come on a silver platter. It takes determination and zeal to come out.

Starting to fight through the challenges of life is what helps you to see the future. Just take a look at the number of unemployed youth and intellectuals we are unable to identify what they were really born to do.

It saddens my heart when I see such youthful bodies being wasted.

Others do not believe in themselves nor in their dreams no matter the motivations and aspirations given.

I need you to set your dream free, set Ghana free and fight to become greater than today.

By: Mabel Faith Tannor

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