25 January 2017

Ho Central NPP supporters hail appointment of Letsa as Regional Minister


Party faithful and supporters of the New Patriotic Party are celebrating  the nomination of the Dr Archibald Letsa as Volta regional minister designate.

Dr Letsa was one of ten nominees named by the president Akufo-Addo, Tuesday as Regional Ministers designate awaiting vetting and approval.

He becomes the first member of the party in the Ho Central Constituency to have been given a Regional Minister role.

“We are very happy for his appointment and we believe he will help bring massive development to the Volta region” one of the supporters said.

Until his appointment, he was the Deputy Chair of the NPP in the Volta Region.

The deputy Volta regional communications director of the NPP, Enoch Amegbletor in an interview said  it was a great news for the party in the Volta region because Dr Letsa is a successful business man with chains of businesses,

He also described him as friendly and approachable personality who would be able to carry through with the one factory one dam promise given by the NPP during the campaign period.

“He is a very nice man and deserves it. We believe he will help project the Volta region in terms of developmental projects and also the youth of the region would be able to get jobs” Enoch said.

According to Enoch Amegbletor,  the time has come for the Volta region to get its fair share of the national cake in terms of development in every aspect  and that NPP is going deliver on the promises made to the people of the Volta region.

He said the regional executives are very grateful to President Nana Akufo Addo for the opportunity and that Volta region is going to move forward.

“We are very grateful to the president for the appointments so far and we believe that Volta region is going to move forward” Amegbletor concluded

The 59 year old medical practitioner and entrepreneur is also CEO of AVL Ghana Holdings Ltd, parent company of number of businesses, including the Miracle Life Hospital, Stadium Gate shopping centre and Skyplus hotel, all in Ho.



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