03 August 2017

Hitting On A Guy Is A Very Bad Idea – Says Former Ms Ghana Stephanie Karikari


2010 Miss Ghana Stephanie Karikari has completely pooh poohed the idea that women can hit on men, describing it as un-African and advising strongly against it.

Speaking to Showbiz in a recent interview, Karikari said she’d rather die unmarried than face the prospect of rejection from a man that she hit on.

It has always been the purview of men to propose to women, but then again it had always been the purview of women to stay at home and look after the kids but the times are changing.

Still, Karikari said she would strongly advise against a woman proposing to a man she likes.

“The Ghanaian culture does not even support it. In our African setting, it is the men who chase the women and not the other way round. Simply put, it is not a wise decision for a woman to make.” she said.

“I will not advise anyone woman to go ahead to hit on a man. I do not think it is a good idea.

“I will feel very bad and look so stupid if a man tells me ‘after all I didn’t propose to you’. I just can’t imagine a man saying that to me” she added.

She further conceded that there are many men she has crushed on but she would never tell them, adding she would rather wait for ‘Mr Right’ to walk up to her and propose.

Many things are changing as the years roll by, but for Stephanie Karikari, it better be the man who always proposes.

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