09 July 2017

Here’s Why Christabel Ekeh Posted Nude Pictures Of Herself With ‘F*** U’ Written On Her Back

Christable Ekeh must have enjoyed the attention she received from her last publicity stunt where she was whinning or twerking with her privates showing. However, this recent publicity stunt had the celebrity delete her instagram page shortly after.


When these pictures went up yesternight, there was speculations if her account was hacked. But most in the media eventually concluded it was a publicity stunt. It is rumored her TV career has plummeted and now the actress is reaching desperate measures to remain in the spot light.

There is no certifying what is making the popular Ghanaian personality behave in this manner, and we can only hope it doesn’t get worst. Nevertheless, if it’s mental, we ask her close associates to get involved and help.

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