18 February 2017

Here’s Why I Don’t Do Kumawood – Martha Ankomah – And Her Reasoning Makes A Lot Of SENSE


Actress Martha Ankomah, a devoted Christian, has said that her reluctance to act Kumawood roles is because too many of their scripts revolve around witchcraft and the use of ‘juju’.

Speaking with Hitz Fm, Ankomah said the worst part of such stories is that the insertion of the juju does not even make sense story-wise, and therefore for her she would not waste her time acting such roles.

Martha has appeared in both Ghallywood and Nollywood roles, but is hesitant on taking on Kumawood scripts because of the ‘juju’ aspect.

“I love Kumawood movies but what I dislike about their movies is the fetish stuff they inculcate into them.” she told Andy Dosty.

 “Apart from that, I love their storylines and they use to have really good movies like ‘Kumasi y)nko)’ but of late most of their movies portray witchcraft and that does not motivate me to shoot with them,”

Marhta continued that she’s not forsaking the industry, just that she needs “a very good Kumawood story without witchcraft”, at which point “maybe I’ll consider it.”

“I’m not scared and it is not against my beliefs but for me, it sincerely doesn’t make sense.” she added.

Martha also touched on the issue of why the Ghana movie industry is seen as dead and she said – perhaps people are tired of the same old, same old stories.

“I guess people are tired of all these old love stories and so some of us are trying to talk to the producers and directors to shoot very good movies. I mean movies with good moral values, movies that people can watch and learn something from and so that is what we are working on,” she said.

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