05 July 2016

Greedy Mornah Destroys PNC

MONARThe Chairman of the Peoples’ National Convention, Mr. Bernard Anbataayela Mornah, has caused irreparable damage to the Party through greed and hate politics.

As is the practice, every political party generates its own resources through the payment of dues, fees, donations and other funds by members, sympathizers and businessmen affiliated to the party.

Deep throat sources from the PNC revealed that two (2) Mahindra and two (2) pick up vehicles donated to the party through Mr. Bernard Mornah had all along been kept in secret location and were never presented to the party.

Credible sources from PNC’s confidential donors have also revealed to the party that a substantial amount of cash donations received by Mr. Mornah has also not been reported to the party leadership. This has become known after Mr. Bernard Mornah launched his parliamentary bid with the Mahindra and pick up vehicles.

The development the source indicated has led to emerging cracks among the rank-and-file of the party leading to some of Mr. Mornah’s estranged comrades becoming apprehensive of the activities of Mr. Mornah.

Indications are that former National Youth Organizer, Abu Ramadan and current General Secretary, Atik Mohammed consider themselves right to find it rewarding taking contrary positions on national issues to the position of the now National Chairman.

Party sources say despite the long held suspicions of Mr. Bernard Mornah’s dishonest attitude to party donations, the PNC does not have any empowered committee or decision making system of deciding how the party funds are generated. As a result, Mr. Mornah continues to front for the party and making decisions in an arbitrary manner to his personal benefits and self-aggrandizement.

The deep throat source revealed that some constituency executives are plotting to petition Bernard Mornah in the coming days to return the cars and funds donated to the party or face criminal charges for the embezzlement of funds and resources meant for the party.

“He is receiving donations from everywhere in the name of the party and under-declaring them. In many cases, he doesn’t even report them to the party and we cannot sit aloft for the greed and selfish attitude of Mr. Bernard Mornah to destroy the PNC” the source stated.

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