28 June 2017

Great Olympics chief Fred Pappoe admits club treated former player-coach Godwin Attram poorly

Great Olympics board member Fred Pappoe admits the club treated former assistant coach Godwin Attram poorly.

Attram has resigned from his role under acrimonious circumstances.

The ex-Ghana  international clashed with Tom Strand after he was asked to work under the Swedish.

Attram appears to have had enough and decided to part ways with his boyhood club.

And  board member of the Fred Pappoe admits the club was unfair to Attram.

“Attram himself was not totally against the decision to strengthen the technical team, he made quite a strong representation to us if we could get somebody strong enough and experience to work with him,” he told Starr FM

“The only difficult came with the way we as a board introduced Tom in a manner that maybe did not go down so well with Attram.

“Because he has been very loyal to Olympics right from infancy as a 14-year-old player when he joined Olympics I think in the early 90’s.”

Attram guided the side to secure qualification back to the Premier League.


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