29 September 2016

GPHA sensitises shipping lines on online vessel booking system

chopsShipping lines can now heave a huge sigh of relieve following the introduction of an online vessel booking system by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority.

The online vessel system forms part of efforts by the port authority to automate all its processes by way of improving the way the port receives vessels into the port.

As a result shipping lines and freight forwarders have been taken through all the procedures in using the system in order to abreast themselves of its usage.

The system will allow shipping lines apply for vessel space faster and quicker in the comfort of their home.

Hitherto, a vessel booking meeting is conveyed where shipping lines assemble for the allocation of berthing space for their vessel.

The online vessel booking system is expected to enhance efficiency in the port and improve service delivery to customers.

Michael Raibi William, an IT officer at GPHA, who is also a facilitator said “we are trying to make it very easy for shipping lines to do business in GPHA. We don’t want a situation where people will be applying things on piece of paper, running around chasing staff for approvals to happen.

We want it to be smooth, to be in real time, to be accessible everywhere and that’s the main aim of the electronic booking system. We are currently hoping that this system will improve all the operation of the port and then improve the fortunes of GPHA,” he said.

The Corporate, Marketing and Public Affairs Manager of GPHA, Paul Asare Ansah said the online vessel booking system is connected to the Ghana National Single Window operated by West Blue consulting and also to the Terminal Operating System.

“So it’s an interconnected kind of window through which the stakeholders would have to transact business in a very efficient and expedited manner,” he stated.

He said all freight forwarders who transact business with the port would have to be IT compliant and because of that the entire port area has been connected to Wi-Fi to ensure the smooth implementation of the online vessel booking system.

“We have wired the entire port environment with Wi-Fi facilities and you have 24hour service to Wi-Fi, so there is nothing like you don’t have credit to connect,” he said.

He added the Wi-Fi would be limited in order to ensure that it is not abused.


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