20 August 2017

Govts handling of disasters emergencies very unfortunate and unacceptable- Disaster Network

Accra, Ghana
20th August, 2017

For immediate release
To all media houses


*Disaster Network, Ghana (DisNet, GH)*
DisNet, GH is a non-profit, non-partisan community based NGO that seeks to assist Disaster managers and Humanitarian workers with coordinated responses to disasters occurrences, disasters mitigation and adaptation as well as working actively on disaster prevention activities/projects in various communities in Ghana. We have followed the Govt of President Akuffo Addo & Vice President Dr Bawumia for sometime now and we cannot but expressed our disappointment of their handling of disasters and emergencies which is very unfortunate and unacceptable so far whiles hoping the situation will improve soon.

*Tidal Waves*
In June 2017, tidal waves, one of the deadliest hydrometeorogical disasters in Ghana occurred and affected most coastal communities in the Country, from Ketu South and other areas in the Volta Region; Effutu, Mfantseman and other areas in the Central Region; Dixcove and other areas in the Western Region with hundreds of citizens displaced, houses submerged, canoes & other fishing equipments washed away or destroyed but sadly, the Govt of Ghana is yet to respond favourably to her own citizens in distress as we speak.

Between June and July 2017, devastating floods swept through parts of Central Region, Eastern Region, Northern Region etc claiming lives, destroying houses and other properties, rendering many citizens homeless and displaced. In line with procedure, NADMO officials in the affected towns moved in to assess the situation and to register the victims but beyond that, what has been done to the victims? Is this the best for nation building? Is this how past Govts responded to disaster situations and handled disaster victims?

We have Ghanaian nationals being deported from US, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Benin and other Countries into our homeland; some are even deported in inhumane conditions (in handcuffs) and they are prevented even from coming home with their belongings or properties and how well has our Govt handled this situation? How are the deportees who are arriving in droves being assisted? Is it not disheartening that our Govt after failing to provide legal and consular support to our compatriots in those deporting Countries, are also turning a blind eye to humanitarian assistance for the deportees upon arrival? How well is their integration being handled?

*Fall Army Worm Invasion*
Despite the early warning given Ghana from the UN, FAO and other international bodies and the corresponding funds given, what has been the outcome of the Govts handling of the situation if not disappointment? We at *DisNet, GH* knowing the repercussions of the Fall Army Worm on our food security, quality of life, psychological health of farmers, financial situation of our farmers among other factors finds the handling of this pest & insect infestation disaster highly unacceptable and calls on Govt to involve NADMO fully in the fight because NADMO-GHANA has effectively handled army worm invasion previously.

*Sierra Leone Mudslide*
An unfortunate natural disaster which has claimed the lives of over 400 citizens with over 600 declared missing as well as the collapse of several buildings and many internally displaced persons with possible outbreak of diseases yet the response from Ghana has been late, unacceptable and unfortunate. Ghana has always been a leader when it comes to supporting Countries in distress and that is why we at *DisNet, GH* are disappointed in the Akuffo Addo/Bawumia Govt for their lopsided handling of emergencies which are mostly borne out of mere rhetorics. What was the nature of briefing received from our High Commission in Freetown on the extent of damage, rescue efforts and coordination from other ECOWAS member States and did it inform the Govt of assessing what Ghana could do immediately which has been the standard competent practice all these years? What prevented the Govt of Ghana to send an emergency contingent of Search & Rescue officials from NADMO and the Ghana Armed Forces to Sierra Leone hours after we heard of the calamity to assist in the recovery, search and evacuation efforts? One would have thought the swiftness with which President John Dramani Mahama acted to support the three (3) West African Countries during the Ebola crisis and the leadership that decisively saw the containment of Ebola should have been enough precedent for the current Govt to know that Ghana, our beloved Country has always been a Leader when it comes responding to distressed Countries.

Nobody can exercise control over the occurrences of disasters. A hazard does not discriminate against anyone; it hits the poor just as badly as it strikes the rich. Therefore all citizens must be Disaster conscious and work towards disaster preparedness & Disaster prevention and while at it, Government owe it a responsibility to resource NADMO adequately to deliver on her mandate.


*Mr Kofi Ankomah Hagan, Humanitarian Ambassador*

*Mr Victor Nanka Bruce, Humanitarian Ambassador*

*Mr James Nunoo, Humanitarian Ambassador*



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