05 July 2016

Gov’t subsidises electricity cost

ecgagainPower distributor, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has revised electricity tariffs to reflect government subsidies aimed at cushioning consumers.

A statement from ECG said, “the utility relief by Government of Ghana is being implemented and therefore the ‘reckoner’ will guide Customers on money paid and the corresponding units to customers.”

The ‘reckoner’ assists in the calculation of power consumption charges.

“The new reckoner incorporates the directive for ECG to make the applicable electricity rate for 0-50 units of consumption inclusive so that all residential customers will enjoy the rate for lifeline customers. It also provides a subsidy which is energy based for industrial and commercial customer,” the statement added.

The reliefs have been applied to extend the life line rate of all residential customers instead of the previous application to all customers with consumption between zero to fifty within a month.

Therefore instead of the rate of GHp 67 per unit for the first 50 units of consumption for all residential, customers with consumption more than 50 units, a rate of 34 GHp per unit will be applied.

In the case of non-residential and industrial customers, some subsidies have been applied to the energy charges to reduce the total bill for such customers.









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