07 August 2017

Government Set To Drop Plans To Implement Tow Levy


Government is set to drop controversial plans to implement a new tow levy.

The impending levy has generated intense public backlash since it was floated – even inspiring a change.org petition as Ghanaians fight to ensure it never sees the light of day.

And now it never might. Comedian/Musician A Plus, who has strong ties to the NPP, has announced that government would scrap the plans.

Taking to his always active Facebook page, A Plus revealed that he has been reliably informed that the levy is to be scrapped.

“I’ve received information that the tow levy will be scrapped. The vice president will issue a statement to that effect soon…..” he wrote.

“A listening government. That’s all we want. We don’t want any yentie obiaa government.”

Plus had joined his voice to the opposition to the levy, complaining that the policy was a plan to ‘create, loot and share’ among some government functionaries.

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