Government had no contract with GIG

By Morkporkpor Anku, GNA

July 19, GNA – Mr Jacob Atule Adongo, a Director for Gender and Disability of
the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) says the World Bank did not
reject the tracier study conducted by Goodwill International Group (GIG), which
Mr Philip Akpeena Assibit, is a representative.

tracier study was never rejected by the World Bank,” he added.

Mr Adongo
was answering questions, as a defence witness in a cross-examination by the Mr
Abu Juan, counsel for Mr Abuga Pele, the former National Coordinator of the,
the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) who
is also an accused person.

Mr Pele
and Assibit has been charged with causing the loss of 41.1 million cedis to the
state, Assibit is charged with putting in false claims to rip off the state.

The said
in the project appraisal document the World Bank was on a comparative exercise
to identify a consultant to execute the tracier study was done and that the
consultant (GIG) executed that work.

witness said in several meetings with Missions from the World Bank Mission from
New York, expressed satisfaction with the tracier study and even indicated to
the NYEP that they would do a model by model study when the pilot takes off.

Counsel asked, whether, the service contract taken as a result of the raid in
the NYEP office was to deny the accused persons access to their defence of
which the witness replied “My Lord l agree with you, the raid of our office and
documents taken away could be best described as a grand scheme by some state
actors excluding the court to deny officialdom of the NYEP, very relevant
documents to assist the court to the determination of the matter.”

indicated earlier, our documents indicating the service agreement   are yet to be returned by EOCO,” he added.

When, Mrs
Evelyn Keelson, Senior State Attorney during cross examination pointed out to
the witness that apart from the MoU with NYEP and GIG, there was no other
contract which would warrant payment to GIG.

witness however disagreed with that assertion, saying no governmental agency
would pay any amount without looking at a contract document signed and audited
by internal auditors.

The State
further suggested to the defence witness that the then Minister of Youth and
Sports never signed the supposed contract agreement,

Mr Adongo
said “Am not surprise, the Minister said that, even when he signed the payment
plan and instructed his Chief Director to communicate to the NYEP, he still
denied knowledge of any agreement, so am not surprised.”

He told
the court that in his opinion, it was part of the grand mischief.

He said
the Minister’s denial of knowledge of the contract was no excuse, because, even
a day was enough for any government official in office to take responsibility
for their actions and inactions and “I am not sure the Minister could be
exonerate from this.”

Mr Pele
and Mr Assibit are facing various charges of causing financial loss of 41.1
million Ghana Cedis to the State.

is being accused of putting in false claims that he had secured a
65-million-dollar World Bank funding for the creation of one million jobs for
the youth, which led government to part with GH¢ 41.1 million.

On June
19, 2015 the Court ordered Philip and Pele to open their defence in respect of
a GH¢41.1 million malfeasance case against them.

The order
came after the Court had ruled that the State had established a prima facie
case against the two, in respect of 19 counts of defrauding by false pretenses,
abetment of crime, dishonesty and intentionally misapplying public funds and
willfully causing financial loss to the State.


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