16 February 2017

Gold exporters warn of scammers


The Association of Gold Exporters, Ghana has raised red flags over the activities of Gold scammers in the country.

According to the association, activities of these scammers are tainting the credibility of genuine members.

The chairman of the association, Kwabena Asante Asare told Starr Business persons interested in Gold transaction should contact recognized bodies to avoid falling victims to such people.

“These scammers in the system are more than the genuine gold exporters and sometimes I tend not to blame the scammers….these are businessmen coming from outside with funds and if you come to Ghana and you say you want to buy 1 ton of gold or 1000kg, AngloGold Ashanti they don’t have that but then a small Ghanaian sitting in front of you and negotiating 1 ton of gold with you when market price is around $45,000.00 he is offering you $20,000 and you cannot even make that profit in Cocaine so is worst”.


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