02 October 2016

Goil warns movie producer over new movie

yiwaniA Seancitygh reliable source has it that the Goil Company of Ghana has threatened the producer of the much-awaited movie, ‘Yi Wani’ not to use their company(Goil) in their movie.

According to the Company, the ‘Yi Wani’ movie producer did not inform them before using one of their fuel filling stations for their movie.

This has however, resulted in the delay of the release of the movie which was set to hit the market earlier this month.

However, seancitygh.com close interview with the producer has revealed he sought permission from the brand’s manager before using brand but they have rather tend to use another fuel station and he is confident the movie will be released soon. He therefore appeals to the general public for the inconveniences caused and promises to come out with a piece Ghanaians will seriously love.

Oduro(Bill Asamoah), a pump attendant is living with his friend, Shatta(Lilwin) with the two working at the Goil Filling Station as attendants. Oduro then falls in love with Kesewaa(Sandra), to the extent of entering into a blood covenant with her under Kesewaa’s influence.

Kesewaa’s mother, Maame Nyarko(Mercy Asiedu) later informed Oduro that her daughter is four months pregnant, meanwhile, the two had stayed for only two months. What happens next? The suspense continues .
What will also be the end of Mr.

Mensah(Akrobeto), who is into a robbery with his nephew, Sly? All fingers crossed waiting for the movie, ‘Yi Wani’ with great suspense and revelations set to reach the public soon.

Source: seancitygh.com

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