29 August 2017

GNUTS executives welcome breakaway of four technical universities

Interim leadership of the Ghana National Union of Technical Students (GNUTS) have welcomed the decision by four technical universities to break away from the student group.

GNUTS, which happens to be the umbrella student association working in the interest of Technical Students in Technical Universities had assembled delegates to elect its next line of leaders to make way for new executives.

Some misunderstandings ensued and at last week’s delegates conference and following the turn of events at the congress, four institutions have officially parted ways with the umbrella student association championing the course of University Technical students.

The chaos also saw an electoral commission member resigning including 8 other aspirants.

The the 4-days congress was on the theme: ‘Equipping Technical Universities/Polytechnics: The Key To Ghana’s Industrialization Agenda.’

The breakaway institutions include the Accra Technical University, Ho Technical University, Cape Coast Technical University and the Takoradi Technical University.

The breakaway Technical Universities claim that the Union is not championing the course of seeking the welfare of students as it is supposed to function.

They further alleged that rather some individuals have turned the association into a gold mine making huge profits from dues paid by already poor students.

GNUTS was formed some 25-years ago when some Allumni students of the then Accra Polytechnic realized that dues paid to the National Union Of Ghana Students (NUGS) was being mismanaged and moreover executives didn’t work in the interest of technical students.

The association, which formerly had 9 Technical Universities as members as it stands, has only student memberships from 5 institutions.

Below is the Press Statement from the Interim executives of GNUTS on matters arising so far

Ho Technical University, Accra Technical University, Cape Coast Technical University And Takoradi Technical University SRCs Officially Part Ways From GNUTS At The 25 Annual Delegates Congress

Since the existence of Ghana National Union of Technical Students (GNUTS), formally known as GNUPS, about some 25 years ago, the core mandate of the union has been reduced to bullying of ordinary students by those we entrusted power to. GNUTS parted ways with NUGS when students from the polytechnic fraternity suffered several forms of marginalization from the university fraternity.

Years into the future from the separation, GNUTS has not lived to our expectations by defending and protecting the welfare of its students from member institutions. Rather, the union has produced demigods and opportunist who have hijacked the entire union and have refused to allow the systems work, due to their own selfish interest. The union has never been productive in anyway instead depends on monies of poor students without even protecting their rights.

The union is unconcerned about the current challenges facing students such as the 2015/16 year group of students who are yet to graduate from school and have their certificates awarded over a year of completing school.

It is surprising that some alumini are still residing in the unions residence,

The poly fashion concept owned by the ordinary students is also being run by some specific group of alumni as a private venture to the detriment of the union.

GNUTS has failed to offer solidarity, protection and assistance to members in the preservation and enjoyment of their fundamental human rights and in the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of GNUTS as contained in the constitution, congress shall have the right to discontinue the affiliation of any institution to GNUTS. The above named schools, per this statement, seize to be members of GNUTS by officially parting ways from GNUTS since the reason of its existence has been contravened. Per this release, GNUTS seizes to be the official mouthpiece and the sole representative of Cape Coast Technical University, Ho Technical University, Takoradi Technical University and Accra Technical University at all levels both within and outside the country.

The sovereignty of GNUTS; if it exists at all, it’s not with the four former member institutions named above.

From this day we are on our own and the four schools shall come under one umbrella to protect and defend the welfare of its members. Our new name for now until all documents are made available shall be TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF GHANA.

We shall serve as the voice of the ordinary student at all levels. Per this press statement we are hereby informing the general public, especially students from the member institutions, of our decision which was taken at congress for the benefit and betterment of the plea of technical university students in the country. We shall invite the general public to a press briefing on our next action.

God bless technical education
God bless our nation Ghana.
Interim executives
Prince Addison-0273432022 Src President ATU

Source: GNA

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