13 July 2017

Gloria Appiah – Odartey Lamptey’s Ex-Wife To Appeal Court Verdict Which Refused Her Half Of His Properties


In a fair world, this woman would be hiding under some rock, consumed with shame at how she’s completely destroyed Odartey Lamptey’s life.

Instead, she’s fighting him tooth and nail for his money.

Gloria Appiah, the woman who was married to the former Ghanaian footballer for two decades and had three children out of wedlock, is set to appeal the recent court decision which quashed her motion to share her properties 50/50 with her former husband.

The Accra Court hearing the case ruled last month that her ‘adulterous conduct’ during the marriage barred her from receiving half of her husband’s properties, as well as the plush East Legon residence she had been staying in since they broke up.

However, according to Kasapa Sports, Appiah is prepared to appeal the decision so she gets what she wants – half of the properties of the man she spat on for 20 years.

Some world we live in.

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