13 September 2017

Gifty Anti Is Looking So Happy in This Photo| Royal Baby Has Really Brought Joy To Her Heart


Gifty Anti’s miracle teaches us all to pray and trust in the lord.

The ace journalist just took to her Instagram account to share a new photo of herself with her newborn baby girl — Princess of Adumasa aka Royal Baby.

Hanging out with her friends, with one holding the Royal Baby,  the wife of Nana Kwao Ansah looked soo happy in the photo.

The happiness in her eyes is absolutely adorable.

Captioning the snap, Gifty Anti wrote a short letter, reminding her fans that she loves them and will continue to fight for them.

She said: “My dear daughters and sons,It’s been quite a while. I just want to remind you that I love you all very much.
By the way, I still have a listening ear for you and enough energy to continue fighting for and beside you 😊. Keep believing in yourself and remember I am so proud of you. Keep smiling, you are beautiful.
Yours, OGA, the woman you call mum, mummy, mama, auntie etc.


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