22 July 2017

GHANBATT 13 bids farewell to Ghanaian Ambassador to DR Congo

The 13th Ghanaian Battalion of the United Nations Organisation Stabilisation Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO GHANBATT 13) has bid farewell to Ghanaian Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

MONUSCO GHANBATT 13 organised a short but colourful farewell parade in honour of Joseph Annim last at the Battalion Headquarters at INCAL Complex, Kinshasa, DR Congo.

Mr Annim who was the guest of honour, as well as the Reviewing Officer for the farewell parade, would bring his duty as ambassador to an end on July 30, 2017.  

He commended them for their discipline, loyalty, dedication, consistency and the professionalism with which they had executed their responsibilities in the Area of Operations as part of the United Nations’ peacekeeping force in the DR Congo.

The Ambassador reminded them that the very obsession of their public service was duty, honour and country.

“These three words will build your basic character and mold you for your roles as custodians of our nation’s defense. They will make you strong enough to know when you are weak and brave enough to face yourself when you are afraid”, he said.

He further stated that ever since he assumed responsibility as an ambassador to the DR Congo, he has enjoyed cordial relations with the Ghanaian Contingent.

According to him, the relationship between him and the Ghanaian Contingent had been very exceptional, and it was this warm brotherliness that saw him and his family worshipping frequently with the Battalion on Sundays.

He promised to keep contact with all friends and acquaintances of the Battalion and the Democratic Republic of Congo as much as possible thanking all for making his stay successful, enjoyable and memorable. 

Mr Annim thanked all for their respective contributions and efforts aimed at fostering a better Ghana-DR Congo relations.

He appealed to all state officials to desist from the habit of selling state properties but rather envision ways of turning such properties to viable state assets that would generate some revenue for Ghana.

The outgoing ambassador cited two national properties under his watch which had been renovated and rented out calling on individuals, as well as corporate institutions to could contribute to the development of Ghana.

He revealed that during his tenure, he facilitated the signing of a permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation Agreement between Ghana and DR Congo which will ensure a pragmatic and progressive cooperation to enhance existing bilateral relations.

This according to him, has greatly strengthened the amicable relationship between the two countries.

The Western Brigade Commander of MONUSCO who doubles as the Ghanaian Contingent Commander, Brig Gen Ivan Nii Ayitey Aryeetey, presented a citation to His Excellency Joseph Annim on behalf of the Ghanaian Battalion. 

Joseph Annim was appointed Ghana’s Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo on 16 January 2015. Prior to his appointment as ambassador, he was Ghana’s Consul-General in Canada.

He has worked in various capacities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.    


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