03 August 2017

Ghanaians Treat Our Celebrities Like Trash – Says Actress Yvonne Okoro


Yvonne Okoro

Actress Yvonne Okoro has criticised Ghanaians, saying we don’t treat our own celebrities well.

According to Okoro, Nigerians treat their celebrities as delicately as one treats an egg but down here, we simply treat them like nothing.

The actress told Berla Mundi in a conversation that she’s speaking from experience concerning both industries.

“In Nigeria, they hold their celebrities like an egg but in Ghana that celebrity is nothing. I know some Ghanaians will be upset to hear me say this but the truth hurts sometimes.” she said.

She said even when a celebrity accomplishes something, Ghanaians always send their minds to a negative place, recounting something that once happened to her to prove her point.

“I was driving when I heard hawkers say ‘come and see her car’ and you feel good but when they got closer only to find out that it’s me, one of them said, oh leave this actress she bought the car from her cocaine business. So when I hear these comments, I ask myself so it can’t be that I worked hard or blessings so it just has to be negative through out and that I feel as if that is something we (Ghanaians) have to do something about,” she said.

She also complained about lack of patronage for local movies in favour of foreign movies.

“…You don’t patronize our movies for us to make quality movies. You go and patronise Hollywood or Bollywood who are like the first or second biggest film makers in the world but for us is different because we need to make a Hollywood standard movie for you, we can’t do that when you aren’t watching the movies and when we don’t have the funds or resources to do that… so that is to tell you that Ghanaians believe everything black is substandard,” she bitterly added.

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