05 August 2017

Ghanaians Start Petition To Kick Against Mandatory Tow Tax


A petition has been started by Ghanaians to kick against the proposed mandatory tow tax.

The idea, which proposes an additional tax on Ghanaians for the towing of vehicles, has been nearly universally condemned since it’s proposal.

One Ghanaian, Francis Kennedy Ocloo, has taken matters into his own hand and started a change.org petition.

The petition, which would be delivered to Parliament, describes the proposed levy as ‘senseless’ and set up to enrich ‘greedy’ politicians.

“[The] Mandatory Road Tow Levy/Tax in Ghana has triggered massive public outcry. This senseless Tow Levy/Tax will enrich a few greedy Politicians through extortion, bringing hardship to the Tax Payer.” it reads.

You can find the petition here…

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