18 September 2016

Ghanaians express concern with nudity in music videos

lord-paper-ghana-juice-1A cross-section of Ghanaians have expressed displeasure about the current trend of nudity, especially in the media and music videos.

A survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency in Accra showed that a number of people are disgusted about the new phenomenon and are calling on the government to act with dispatch to stop the practice.

“It is not a good thing and must not be encouraged because it will corrupt the minds of the children coming up” Auntie May, a trader at the Tema station advised.

She said musicians especially the women who act nude in music videos are not from good homes and do not have parental control.

She said she would not encourage her daughter to go nude or advise his son to marry a nude lady in music videos.

Julius Satsi, a journalist, said musicians should stop promoting nudity in their videos.

“Even if the song is about sex, you don’t have to actually have sex to show the meaning of the song”, he said.

He noted that musicians must do good music with good lyrics to avoid profanity.

He also said he would not encourage any female to act nude in music videos.

However Kofi Ansah, a university student, and other people think there is nothing wrong with nudity in music videos.

According to him, music is an art and one could choose to do or perform it anyhow to suit his taste.

Mr Ansah expressed the belief that the nude ladies in the music videos are just acting and doing their work for a living just like any other person.

He said he would marry a lady who goes nude in music videos but would advise the lady not to be fully naked.


Source: GNA

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