20 January 2017

Ghana ought to mine its own natural resources, not foreigners – Dr. Steve Manteaw


The Executive Director of Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAG), Dr. Steve Manteaw says nations which use their mineral resource revenue for the benefit of their countries and citizens are themselves active participants and do not engage companies from other countries.

Speaking to Radio Ghana on whether previous contracts in oil and mining agreements actually benefit the citizens and the nation as a whole, Dr. Manteaw said as a country, Ghana has not taken the commercial risk that it ought to have taken by buying shares in such companies.

For him, the way out is for Ghana to mine its own natural resources or during such negotiations or agreements use technocrats with the capacity to do so and not politicians.

Dr. Manteaw said oil and gold revenues have not been used for the benefit of the country but to a large extent misapplied and misused.


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