03 July 2017

Ghana Is The Most Expensive Country To Stay In Africa – Survey Finds


A survey by MoveHub, a company which assesses countries across the world to offer advice to expatriates on where to stay, has ranked Ghana as the most expensive country to reside in on the continent.

MoveHub’s ranking was based on calculations of the price of groceries, transport, bills, restaurants and renting a house in selected countries across the globe.

Ghana placed in the top 20, being the only African country to make the most expensive countries to live in worldwide list.

Ghana’s small population and high GDP likely drives up the cost of living, MoveHub noted, plus our peaceful tag makes us a favourite for expatriates coming to Africa, which also drives up costs as well.

Ghana, Italy, Israel, Kuwait and Japan make the bottom five of the top 20 list – whilst Singapore, Iceland, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Bermuda topped the most expensive places to live in list.


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