23 August 2017

Ghana Federation of Disabled to protest over delays in common fund

The delay in the release of the 2% share of the District Assemblies Common Fund allocated to persons with disability has apparently become unbearable to the beneficiaries.

The situation has forced the physically challenged persons to resort to demonstration aimed at putting pressure on the relevant authorities to release the funds.

The 2% share of the fund is a constitutional requirement meant to help the beneficiaries take care of their medical and other relevant costs.
The Ghana Federation for the Disabled will therefore hit the streets on Friday, August 25 to demonstrate and demand the release of their 2 percent share of the District Assemblies Common Fund.

The delay has come about because the Administrator of Common Fund has suspended the release of the funds in order compile a register to make the fund accessible to all physically challenged persons.
This, according to the beneficiaries has affected them so badly that they are not able to pay for their medical bills and other fees.

The Ashanti regional president of the Ghana Federation for the Disabled Alfred Tebi Amponsah claimed his members have been neglected by the government.

He said “since the current government assumed office, we persons with disability have not been given our 2%, most students have gained admission but cannot not enter various institutions of learning as a result of delays in the release of the common fund.We have used all means but to no avail so the only way out will be to hit the street on Friday in protest,” Mr Amponsah opined.


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