24 February 2017

Ghana, Czech Republic deepen ties


Ghana   and  the  Czech  Republic   have  identified   new  opportunities   to  strengthen  the relations between the two countries.

This came to light  when  the Czech Republic  Ambassador  to Ghana,  Her  Excellency (HE) Madam  Margita  Fuschova,  paid  courtesy  call on the Minister  for Defence, Dominic  Nitiwul.

Among  the many  issues  discussed   at the meeting  included   defence  and  security,  defence industries,    modern   equipment    support   to  Ghana  by  the  Czech  Republic   and  medical supplies  and  training  for Ghana  Armed  Forces personnel.

According to Madam Fuschova, her  country was  interested in assisting Ghana’s defence  sector  in equipment supplies, technology  transfer, study by military personnel in Czech institutions and improving  the  quality of life of Ghanaian soldiers.

She  also reiterated   the  Czech  government’s  preparedness  to support the  Ministry in developing to a modern standard, the new  shoe  factory  in Kumasi  which  was  restarted   a few years ago with  Czech funding.

The  Ambassador  has  therefore   entreated   the  Defence  Minister   to reconsider   an  earlier memorandum  of understanding   (MOU) on defence  cooperation  signed  between   the two countries  and  review  areas where  necessary.

“Czech  investors   are  ready  to  come  to  Ghana”   for business, the  Ambassador  assured, and  encouraged  the  Ministry   of Defence  to look  again  at the  MOU  “so  we  start  a new process” .

Referring   to  the  beginning   of the  Ghana-Czech  relations dating back to Ghana’s first republic, Madam  Fuschova said her visit  to The Square  was  therefore   to deepen relationship  between the  two  countries.

She extended an invitation to  the  Minister to visit  her country to see what they could offer Ghana.

Ghana’s Defence Minister Dominic  Nitiwul   acknowledged  the  long-standing  relations  between   the  two  countries   and said Ghana  was appreciative   of Czech government   assistance  over the years.

He outlined government’s    priority    areas   to  include    improving    housing    for   the   Armed   Forces, training   of air force  pilots  and  other  technical  staff  and  actualizing   the  one  district-one factory  concept.  On the latter, the minister  said  the defence  industries   programme   was of great  interest  to government   and hoped  the Czech Republic  could  help  in that  area as well.


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