14 February 2017

Gh¢4million was spent on Ghana@59 – Lord Commey


Lord Commey, a member of the Ghana@60 planning committee

The Ghana@60 anniversary committee has dismissed criticisms that the Gh¢20million budget for the celebration was excessive, indicating that the amount was for activities spanning the whole year and not for a one-off event.

Speaking at media briefing on Monday, Mr Lord Commey who is a member of the committee said Ghana’s 59th independence anniversary parade alone under the NDC administration was Gh¢4million.

Mr Commey emphasised that under the leadership of the current president, cost-effective measures were being employed to avoid extravagant expenditure.

In comparison with Ghana’s Golden Jubilee, Mr Commey said: “10 years ago, what I know is that over US$75m was spent on Ghana@50. Under Nana Akufo Addo’s government, 10 years on, US$4m [Gh¢20million], so strike the difference and the balance. We have the mandate to be modest and also elegant.”

“When I checked the 59th anniversary celebrations budget of the march past alone at the Independence Square, it was close to Gh¢4million.”

He explained that many of the activities that will be undertaken during the 60th anniversary were being done by private entities in collaboration with the committee.

“At the end of the exercise, Ghanaians will be proud of it. … Apart from the first phase, the other programmes are private people’s initiatives and what they are asking from the committee is some support, for example the Musicians Union of Ghana, (MUSIGA). If you talk to Obuor and co., this is MUSIGA putting things together and they want to be associated with Ghana@60 and we are giving them the support – they have their own sponsorship,” he said.

He stated that the committee would render an account to Ghanaians “because transparency is key, proper accountability is also very key”, adding: “The president has cautioned everybody…we just need support from the Ghanaian people.”

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