19 January 2017

A German Passport Is The Most Powerful In The World – Discover The Top Ten Passports Which Can Make It Easier For You To Travel The World


The passport, alongside the voter’s ID and the driver’s licence, is one of the most important documents to possess. It however, does something none of the others can match up to, which is its utility in facilitating international travel.

But whilst some passports are incredibly powerful and can help you get anywhere you want to, others can hinder you a lot – based of course on the country you come from and it’s international ties. 

Arton Capital, an international financial advisory firm, has carried out a study to discover which is the world’s most powerful passport. This is based on their Passport Index, which awards countries a visa free score based on how many countries a certain passport can allow you to travel to visa-free or at least with a visa on arrival privilege.

The index ranks all 193 UN member nations and is topped by Germany, which has a visa free score of 157. This means out of the 193 ranked nations, a holder of a German passport can travel to 157 of them either without a visa or with a visa prepared for them on arrival.

Check out the next top ranked nations by flipping through the pages….

No.1 – Germany (157)



 No.2 – Singapore, Sweden (156)11992096-Swedish-passport-isolated-on-white-background-Stock-Photo_770x480
No.3 Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland (155)…

No.4 Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria (154)….


No.5 – Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand (153)lp-passport-770x297

No.6 Greece, South Korea, Australia (152)737450-3x2-940x627-900x600

No.7 Czech Republic, Iceland (151)czech-passport-900x708

No.8 – Hungary (150)



No.9 – Malta, Poland (149)


No. 10 – Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania (148)



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