10 August 2017

Galamsey Operators Whose Excavators Were Burned Should Sue Government – Says NPP’s Chairman Wontumi


Chairman Wontumi

The NPP’s Ashanti Regional Chairman, Bernard Antwi Boasiako, is encouraging galamsey operators whose excavators were burned by the anti-galamsey task force to send government to court.

According to the beloved Chairman Wontumi, the actions taken by the taskforce were unlawful and the victims should sue.

The fight against galamsey is heating up with government’s anti-galamsey taskforce trying to rein in the practice. Recently, the taskforce burnt excavators belonging to some galamsey owners – leading to one frustrated guy raining curses on the President.

Commenting on the issue, Wontumi condemned the burning of the excavators and described the actions as illegal.

“They should go to court and sue government. In as much as we are fighting against illegal mining, it is uncivilized to burn excavators whiles we can use that to work. Whoever is responsible must be identified and face the law. I have been a victim and will never support this barbaric act,” he said.

“I believe the task force members have been trained for this operation, were they advised to burn excavators? Someone must face the law for this inhumane behavior,” he added.

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