07 August 2017

Galamsey fight: Operation Vanguard clashes with illegal miners; one dead

An illegal miner at Wawase Obuasi in the Ashanti Region has been shot dead Sunday evening.

This follows a clash between the anti-illegal mining Taskforce constituted by a Military/Police team (Operation Vanguard) and illegal miners in the notorious galamsey town.

The Public Relations Officer of Operation Vanguard, Major Gariba Pabi in an interview with Joy FM explained that that the team which was on patrol was attacked by miners who pelted them with stones.

According to him, the Taskforce later heard gunshots from the direction of the illegal miners following which the Taskforce also fired warning shots to scare them to stop their action.

Major Pabi said, after the illegal miners had fled, the Taskforce which had surrounded the area found that one of the illegal miners had been shot.

He noted that the injured illegal miner was given first aid and sent to the hospital but was later pronounced dead by doctors.

“We didn’t intend to start this operation with blood. No that is not why we are here. We are here to ensure that illegal mining is stopped and our environment is protected,” said Major Pabi.

The deceased it yet to be identified.

It would be recalled that prior to the deployment of the Taskforce, members of the Ashanti Regional Small Scale Miners Association who are licensed, a fortnight ago served notice they’ll fight the Taskforce that will be deployed by government to stop them from going to their various mining sites.

They claim they’ve been unfairly targeted and losing their equipment.


“It is disheartening to note that our licenses have not been revoked, suspended or cancelled yet legal miners are bearing the brunt of the so called fight against galamsey.” The Small Scale miners said.




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