19 July 2016

Fumesua ‘mystery’ coffin burnt

CoffinThe Chiefs of Fumesua in the Ashanti Region have performed rites to finally burn a mysterious coffin placed in front of the chiefs palace Sunday.

The brown elegant six feet coffin became a pandora’s box striking nerves and attracting scores of people when residents woke up on Sunday morning to the discovery of a casket in front of Nana Esua Amoako’s palace.

The coffin, which was slightly opened upon discovery by some residents of the town, contains two bottles of schnapps, black and red calico and a letter allegedly from a group by name, Concerned Citizens.

Joy News’ correspondent Erastus Asare Donkor reported that the Nana Amoako has traveled at the time the coffin was discovered, so one of the sub-chiefs poured libation before opening the casket in the presence of the police.

The letter in the coffin appealed to the Nana Amoako to consider returning a plot of land used as a cemetery he is alleged to have sold to a private developer without conducting due diligence.

It also said what the private contractor did by assembling heavy machines to “clear the whole site/land and deposited all the sand/mud/and the DEAD BODIES previously buried, and deposited them at an unknown place, is against custom.”

The chief was reprimanded by the Concerned Citizens in the letter for failing to “perform any RITUALS on the land, which developments are ongoing.”

The letter attributed the death of “children, youth and middle-aged citizens of Fumesua,” to the actions of the chief and the developer.

The sub-chiefs treated this as a spiritual issue and called for a meeting to look into the matter.

After hours of consultation with the Asantehene’s spiritual head, the Sumankwahene, some rituals were performed late in the evening and the coffin set ablaze.

Nana Obeng Dua, Kontihene of Fumesua told Luv News they have placed the perpetrators in the hands of the gods.

‘To write something, place items in a coffin and set it at the gates of the chief’s palace is bad. What is the intention? Do you want to kill the chief? We will not say anything, our intentions are in our heads’ he said.

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