09 August 2017

From CBB romance to cheating, drugs and violence… the toxic love and tragic downfall of Steph Davis and Jeremy McConnell

EVEN by the standards of a couple widely accepted as the trashiest in showbiz, it was a new low.

Ill-fated lovers Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell faced each other in court this week in a trial that would see him convicted of assaulting her in a cocaine-fuelled rage.

Where it all started… Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell on Celebrity Big Brother

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A source compares their love affair to the infamous doomed romance of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen[/caption]

The former Hollyoaks actress, 24, said her on-off boyfriend threw her “around like a rag doll” in a row about a sex toy at her Merseyside home in March.

But it is unlikely to be the end of their roller coaster romance.

As one source told The Sun last night: “They can’t keep away from each other but everyone knows if they stay together they will end up dead.”

Stephanie wept as she told Liverpool magistrates how the dad of her child attacked her after accusing her of affairs.

Steph displays injuries after a bust-up with McConnell
Flynet – SplashNews

Flynet – SplashNews

The former actress said McConnell threw her around ‘like a rag doll’[/caption]

Jeremy McConnell walks into Liverpool Magistrates' court for trial

She said: “I thought, ‘This is it, he’s going to kill me’.”

Dublin-born model McConnell, 27, laughed from the dock and claimed self-defence.

But it took just 15 minutes to convict him. He could be jailed for up to six months on Friday.

Stephanie grinned outside court and said: “I’m finally free. He’s not in control any more.”

Anyone who has followed the relationship since the pair met on Celebrity Big Brother in January last year may not be convinced she will ever be free of the bad boy she has repeatedly returned to.

Nor may they be surprised by this latest unedifying low, given how toxic the romance has been from the start.

Steph and McConnell share an eight-month-old son, Caben-Albi

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McConnell arrives at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court, where he was later convicted of assaulting Stephanie[/caption]

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Following the verdict, Steph said she was ‘finally free’[/caption]

Jeremy McConnell walks into Liverpool Magistrates' court for trial

A source described them as “the Sid and Nancy of reality TV”, a reference to Sex Pistol Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

That relationship ended with her murder in 1978 and, four months later, his fatal heroin overdose after he was charged with killing her.

The source added: “The relationship is not just poisonous, it’s dangerous.”

From the moment they met, they seemed destined to ruin each other’s lives.

At 22, Stephanie was already a washed-up has-been.

Having had minor TV roles as a child, she found fame on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s BBC talent show Over The Rainbow, a search for a Dorothy for his production of the Wizard Of Oz.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
Ken McKay

Stephanie appears on Over The Rainbow in 2010, alongside Steph Fearon[/caption]

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
Channel 4

The actress was fired from Hollyoaks for unprofessional behaviour[/caption]

Her fifth-place finish was enough to impress the producers of Hollyoaks, and she landed the part of feisty Sinead O’Connor.

But after six years on the C4 soap she was sacked in 2015 following warnings for lateness, attendance, and turning up to the set unfit to work.

Stephanie insisted her fondness for booze and partying was not to blame.

She said: “I did go into work after a night out once or twice, but who hasn’t done that? I just wanted to be a normal girl and alcohol was a way for me to relax.”

McConnell was a virtual unknown with plenty of demons of his own.

A former Mr Dublin who appeared on MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs, he lost his mum to a brain haemorrhage when he was 15.

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McConnell was a little-known model when he entered the CBB house[/caption]

Steph already had a boyfriend, but she fell for the Irishman anyway
Rex Features

Rex Features

Their relationship was dramatic from the start[/caption]

Within 15 months of her death, his older brother was killed in a motorbike accident and his sister died of a heart attack.

Despite Stephanie being in a relationship with model Sam Reece when she entered the CBB house, she quickly fell for tattooed Jeremy.

In a sign of things to come, the couple would flit between declarations of love and blazing rows.

One night they appeared to have sex under the covers so loudly that their housemates had to leave the room.

McConnell was evicted before Stephanie but declared his love for her and turned up at the final for a tearful reunion.

Her parents, Pauline and Roy, approved of their daughter’s new boyfriend after Roy met McConnell following his exit.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
Rex Features

Stephanie and McConnell cosy up in bed on CBB[/caption]

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
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The couple were all smiles as they reunited during the CBB finale[/caption]

CBB: Steph and Jeremy 'have sex' under covers

Roy said: “He seemed very sincere. We’ll need to let Stephanie tell us what happens next but from the first meeting he has our seal of approval.”

However, within hours of the show ending, the couple were spotted rowing at a hotel.

Reports claimed McConnell bedded a dancer in Newcastle the previous night.

Over the following weeks the cheating allegations kept coming, and the pair regularly split and reunited.

McConnell confessed to his infidelity live on ITV1’s This Morning, saying: “I did sleep with other people. I did it more than once and I hold my hands up.”

Steph's parents thought McConnell seemed 'sincere'
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The pair regularly broke up and got back together, with McConnell admitting he’d slept with other women[/caption]

CBB: Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell turn on each other

Stephanie insisted their love was “worth fighting for”.

Despite trying to salvage their relationship and getting a puppy together, in May last year the pair announced they had split for good.

Stephanie feared McConnell had only been with her to raise his profile.

But her own parents have been part of the media circus around the romance, even dishing out photos from the family album.

Earlier this year McConnell revealed Roy phoned him after one split.

McConnell said: “They were all for the break-up. Her management and her family were like, ‘End things with Steph’.”

McConnell then claimed Roy told him “don’t fall” for her manipulations.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
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Steph announced she was pregnant shortly after the couple split ‘for good’ in May 2016[/caption]

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell

McConnell took a paternity test on TV to determine whether he was the baby’s father[/caption]

But their May 2016 break-up was far from the end.

Shortly after she announced she was pregnant.

McConnell denied being the father but after Caben-Albi was born in January this year, he took a paternity test live on This Morning, which confirmed he was.

Once again, the pair patched things up and tried playing happy families.

Their efforts were doomed and Caben-Albi was just eight weeks when the assault for which McConnell has now been convicted took place.

Amid fresh heartbreak for McConnell over the loss of his dad to cancer, the couple got back together again.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
Stephanie and McConnell reconciled after Caben's birth in January

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McConnell entered rehab at Steph’s request, but soon after leaving he relapsed[/caption]

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell looking happy with their baby in a park

But Stephanie banned McConnell from seeing the baby until he went to rehab for drug and booze addictions.

He checked in a couple of days later.

Claiming the addictions of other celebrities were like “an episode of the Tweenies compared to what I’m going though”, he said: “I’m surprised I’m not dead, the way I’ve partied.”

Stephanie vowed to support him but within weeks of McConnell checking out of rehab, they were at loggerheads again and he relapsed.

He went on a two-day vodka binge at a Liverpool hotel and tweeted that Stephanie was “dead to him”.

Once again the hatchet was quickly buried, with McConnell admitting: “We are like chemicals.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
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The couple had a violent row after McConnell chastised Stephanie for smoking and drinking while pregnant[/caption]

Nick Obank – The Sun

McConnell is pictured hours after Stephanie was arrested on suspicion of assault[/caption]

“Six days out of seven we’re totally fine but then there’ll be an explosion.”

He swore off drink once more, vowing “to be a family man”.

Days later he was boozing in London and pictured sleeping on a park bench.

Not exactly model father material — which was unfortunate, given that Stephanie had another bombshell.

On July 4, in a London pub, according to McConnell, Stephanie told him she was pregnant again.

He also claimed that shortly after Stephanie looked at his phone and noticed he was following another woman on social media.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
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Steph claims McConnell has a ‘split personality’[/caption]

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
The 5'11 model works out with a punching bag
Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
A Snapchat shared by Steph shows bruises covering her legs

He said: “We were having a few drinks. I had two or three and so did Stephanie, which I thought was off as she was pregnant.

“She was also smoking and I told her a pregnant woman should not drink and smoke.”

The couple returned to their hotel room for another violent row, which saw Stephanie arrested for GBH.

McConnell, who was pictured the next morning with injuries including two black eyes, claimed she hit him with a wooden post.

Stephanie was pictured with her own shocking injuries.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
PA:Press Association

Stephanie was arrested for GBH but has not been charged[/caption]

Jeremy faces up to six months in jail
PA:Press Association

McConnell insisted: “I did not touch her. Any marks she has on her are self-inflicted.”

Stephanie has been told she will not face charges.

Relations between the pair are now at an all-time low.

She has said: “He’s got like a split personality between the good side — which I get for two to three days — and that nasty side.

“He has these psychotic episodes on coke where he’s so paranoid about everything.”

Don’t rule out them getting back together, though — for this Sid and Nancy, nothing is more addictive than each other.

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