13 July 2017

FriendsFest tickets for the 2017 UK tour still available – dates, venues, prices and what it’s all about

THE ten years that followed the launch of TV sitcom Friends were a decade of hilarity and loves, as legions of fans became besotted with the six chums, an ugly naked guy and a very smelly cat.

And if you want to relive the Friends magic you’re in luck because a festival dedicated to the classic show is touring the UK this summer. Here are all the details…

Maggie Wheeler AKA. Janice from Friends helped launch the festival last year, Chandler would have helped but he’s still at 15 Yemen Road, Yemen
PA:Press Association

What is the FriendsFest UK tour?

Last year FriendsFest sold out, and sold out fast.

Due to the phenomenal demand, Comedy Central UK have brought it back and this year it’ll be bigger and better than ever.

The festival – in partnership with The Luna Cinema – will include with brand new features like a full scale set of Joey and Chandler’s apartment, original memorabilia from the iconic show and new fan experiences.

Last year you were able to recreate the opening sequence on the iconic orange sofa and sing Smelly Cat karaoke.

There’s so much fun on offer, you might even get BAMBOOZLED!

Dust off that friends box set and brush up on all the classic moments from PIVOT to lobsters to ‘hands up who’s fine!’ you want want to forget a single moment ahead of FriendsFest
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When and where is the FriendsFest UK tour?

On July 7, FriendsFest hit the road – possibly in Phoebe’s nan’s cab but we can’t confirm.

Running from July 7 to September 24, there are plenty of opportunities to settle in with your favourite pals and immerse yourself in the (Central) Perks!

  • Hillsborough Park, Sheffield – July 7– July 16
  • Bute Park, Cardiff – July 21 – July 30
  • Heaton Park, Manchester – August 4 – August 13
  • Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire – August 18 – August 27
  • Hylands House, Essex – September 1 – September 10
  • Clissold Park, London – September 15 – September 24
Hollyoaks stars Amanda Clapham and Sophie Porley take a look around Joey and Chandler’s apartment

How can I get tickets to the FriendsFest UK tour?

Tickets will cost £26 (plus a £1.50 transaction fee) and are available directly through the FriendsFest website.

The general sale started on Friday February 24, 2017.

The Manchester, London and Oxfordshire legs of the tour are now completely sold out but other destinations still have availability for certain times so get booking now!

Musician Ryan Fletcher from Lawson explores Joey and Chandler’s famous digs
Gunther from Friends recites theme tune in his own dour way

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