27 March 2016

Free health screening for residents in Keta Municipality

32The Avumega-Kudoto family of Keta in the Volta Region in collaboration with the Trust Hospital in Accra has organised a day’s free health screening for residents in the Keta Municipality as part of the Easter celebrations.

Over 500 residents from age 20 and above benefited from the exercise which was aimed at providing medical care to especially the poor and the needy that could not cater for their health needs.

A medical team comprising medical practitioners, pharmacists, dietitians and laboratory technicians from the Trust and the Keta Municipal Hospitals conducted the exercise.

The beneficiaries went through hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and overweight checks and were counseled on the importance of living a healthy life.

The Head of Pharmacy and Coordinator of Retro and TB Clinics at the Trust Hospital, Antony Avege disclosed that the most common diseases detected among the beneficiaries included high blood pressure and gastro-intestinal infections which affect their health status.

He urged them to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and cautioned them to avoid eating fatty foods.

Mr. Avege also encouraged them to exercise regularly and visit the hospital for routine check-ups.

The Chairman of theAvumega-Kudoto Family Union, Philip Etse Avumega, who was impressed with the turn-out, said the gesture formed part of the family’s social responsibility to the community.

He was optimistic that the exercise which is the maiden one will be organized annually for the benefit of the residents.

Some of the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the Avumega-Kudoto Family for the gesture.


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