03 August 2017

Four ducks sneak out of home and get arrested for loitering!

Pennsylvania police were busy keeping people safe on the Fourth of July. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a little fun, too.

Four irreverent ducks in Pennsylvania, US went a little crazy celebrating the Fourth of July holiday.

Their wild adventure soon ended in an arrest.

The community of New Milford, Pennsylvania, is quacking up over the arrest of four unlucky ducks who are accused of loitering.

The ducks were taken into custody, booked and even had prints taken of their little webbed feet.

It all happened on the Fourth of July, when the ducks decided to spend the holiday exploring the town.

The ducks sneaked out of their home and reached a gas station, less than a mile away. Gas station employees called 911 to inform cops of the mischievous quacks!

Police swiftly responded to catch hold of the unusual troublemakers. When an officer reached the spot, the four of them were taken into custody, booked and even had their foot-prints taken.

Photos of their arrest were posted by the Great Bend Police catapulting the ducks to internet fame.

“Ducks in custody? Officer Sheehan took four ducks in custody after they were loitering at the Pump and Pantry in New Milford. We were able to find the owner to pick them up,” wrote the police department.

People on social media were amused with the important arrest in the area.

After a few days, the now-internet-famous ducks and the owners paid a visit to the police department.




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