06 February 2017

Forgive my sins – Kudalor to Ghanaians


The immediate past Inspector General of Police John Kudalor has called on Ghanaians to forgive him, if he offended anyone, in the line of duty.

Mr. Kudalor caused massive uproar last year when he stated that that the Police may shutdown social media as part of measures in checking misconduct, as the elections approached.

The Mahama government later clarified that social media ban was not an option being considered.

Speaking at a Police event in Accra, the former IGP who brought his service to an end last month said his actions were not intended to hurt or offend Ghanaians.

“In my quest to get the best out of my officers and men I might have stepped on toes and offended anyone…I’ve put it in quotation marks because I don’t think I can offended anybody, these acts were unintentional, non-diabolical, not deliberate or from malice or ill-will. I took such actions in my fervent hope to get a world class police service. To the good people of this country I want to thank you as to how we all carried ourselves as patriots before, during and after the 2016 elections in particular and during my tenure of office in general,” he said.

He concluded: “There were times and moments that one had to stomach and contain bitterness, ridicule, pain, blatant lies and of course periods of joy and satisfaction, success and praises. I’m not saying this to frighten my successor but as the saying goes…to be forewarned is to be forearmed and I know he’ll deliver though it’s not all that rosy…but know he’ll deliver, he’s somebody that I’ve known very well for so many years.”


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