04 August 2017

Five-month-old baby girl dies in 49C car after her step-dad FORGOT her for four hours at car dealership when he drove off in new motor

A FIVE-month-old baby girl died in a hot car after her step-dad left her behind at a car dealership when he bought a new car.

Kyrae Vineyard baked to death after spending more than four hours in the car as temperatures inside the motor soared to around 49C.

Kyrae was left alone in the car for more than four hours

24-year-old Haven Robb Hackworth is facing an involuntary manslaughter charge in the infant’s death.

After parking at the dealership, Hackworth left the baby girl in the back of the car as he took a car for a test drive.

He then went through the paper work and drove off in the new vehicle leaving the old car in exchange.

Court documents claim he had driven for around 25 minutes before realising he had forgotten baby Kyrae.

He called the dealership and asked the salesman to check on the car.

The salesman told police he went out to the car, and found Kyrae’s body inside the carseat, with a blanket draped over the top.

Police arrested Hackworth for involuntary manslaughter, he is currently in custody.

Hackworth was ‘excited’ about his new car and forgot about the child

Kyrae’s mother told of her anger on TV station  KTVB: “I would do anything and everything in this world to bring my daughter back and I feel like Haven needs to be charged more because he took my daughter away and I suspect it was on purpose so I don’t understand any of it.

“I loved my daughter and I love my daughter still, she is my everything and I put trust into a guy I thought I trusted and his stupid actions caused me to lose my daughter.”

She had Hackworth had been together for four months.

Hackworth faces ten years in prison

A coroner said it appeared that baby had been dead for at least six hours before she arrived at hospital.

Police said: “When asked how he [Hackworth] could forget about K.V. for that amount of time, Haven stated that he didn’t know, and that he was just really excited to get his new car.”

Hackworth now faces up to 10 years in prison and a £7,600 fine if convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

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