18 June 2017

Fathers Day Can Never Be Like Mothers Day – Rev. Father Ohene Agyapong

By Dominic Mondeh

The parish priest of St. Micheal Catholic Church, Nkawkaw. Very Rev. Fr. Bright Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has stated that there is no way fathers day can be like mothers due to the massive struggles of most women in the up bringing of children these days.

He said, a baby being in a woman’s womb for nine good months and nursing that baby too is not an easy task, fathers day is not well recognized because what most men did in the past by impregnating women and they refuse to accept and take responsibility for it.

Fr. Bright who is a Catholic priest, continued by saying there are a lot of responsible fathers out there who do their responsibilities genuinely but even on a percentage wise it is clear that the women are ahead of the men, although I am a man but sometimes when am driving and I see women who are on these cargo trucks for several hours with foodstuffs, charcoal and other stuff from one region to the other and the amazing thing is that sometimes they have their six to one-year babies with them, he said this when he was speaking on TOP FM evening news with Mireku Nyampong as the the anchor.

He further said that, fathers should also find time for their children, because sometimes it is only the mothers who will be seen at home always, the Bible says fathers thus men are the heads of every family on this planet earth but it will only come to pass if only most fathers change from their bad behavior and attitude that they show to wifes and children in most cases.

Fathers are not usually recognised for their role in providing for a family and the sacrifices they make.

They are not usually recognised as a good parent solely because of it whereas mothers are recognised for their sacrifices and caring for their families.

Most fathers thinks putting money on the table is the only way out as a responsible father but they should remember that there is more to it. He sited an example that, there is this friend of his who lives in one the foreign countries, who said their father was very supportive to them but they thought their father don’t love them because he has never said I love you to them before but on the other hand their mother have been saying “I love you” to them every blessed morning and evening.

So with these their mind set was that it is their mother who loves them. So statistically it shows clerlarly that people spend far more on Mother’s day than Father’s day. Also, far less people devote as much attention and recognition of fathers role in the upbringing of a child.

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